About PPE and the Adult Care Sector 

Q. Why do we need #MakeMasks4Carers? 
A. The social care sector in the UK is struggling to get their hands-on essential PPE to protect their staff and service users in care homes and in community home care settings. 
The global supply chain has been disrupted, with usual suppliers diverting their products to the NHS. This has led to an unprecedented shortage of PPE at care homes, and for care providers across the UK. 
#MakeMasks4Carers aims to help alleviate this shortage by mobilising a volunteer network of producers across the UK, and by helping care providers to find local producers who can help - for free, or at cost. 
Q Why does it matter that social care does not have enough PPE? 
A. Social care is at the front line of the battle against the virus. 
The adult care sector looks after some of the most vulnerable members of society, many of whom are in high risk categories. We have already seen a huge number of deaths in care homes and home care settings, and a devastating loss of life amongst frontline care workers. 
These carers deserve to be protected. 
Protecting carers won’t just help to protect staff members, residents, patients and service users – it will also help to slow the spread of the virus across the UK. This will reduce the burden on the NHS, and protect the wider population. 

About #Make Masks 4 Carers 

Q. What is different about #MakeMasks4Carers? 
A. #MakeMasks4Carers is a purely voluntary and 100% not for profit movement. #MakeMasks4Carers started out as a small regional network in East Coast of Yorkshire. Now, it includes a national network of makers and maker spaces, connecting volunteers with carers who need PPE using our mapping tool. 
Q. How do I know the masks are made to the right standards? 
A. Care providers need to check with volunteer mask makers that they are following the latest guidance, which can be viewed by clicking this link HERE
Q. I make PPE – how can I get involved? 
A. Please head over to the Volunteers page and register today. 
Q How long will this tool be available? 
A. For as long as it is needed. 
#MakeMasksForCarers will exist for as long as care providers tell us they need PPE. When the crisis is over, we will make a decision as to whether to continue utilising the tool to connect care providers with volunteer PPE makers. 
Q. What is the Mapping Tool? 
A. Our online tool puts social care providers in direct contact with a national network of PPE makers.  
Care homes and care providers can search for local volunteers offering PPE For FREE or AT COST. 
By using the tool, care providers can see the location of volunteer makers, and access their contact details. 
Q. Can I sponsor this initiative? 
A. Yes – we accept sponsorship from individuals and organisations. Please see the link to our crowdfunding page here to make a donation:  
All supporters will be listed on the sponsors page, and their names will be shared with our founder’s 15,000 followers on LinkedIn. 

About the makers and PPE 

Q. Can I sell PPE on #MakeMasks4Carers 
A. No. 
#MakeMasks4Carers does not list suppliers looking to sell PPE for profit. 
Q. Do care providers need to pay for face shields and visors? 
A. They may do. 
Our online tool lists volunteer makers and maker spaces who are offering PPE for free, and those who are offering PPE at cost to cover materials. #MakeMasks4Carers does not list suppliers looking to sell PPE for profit. 
Care Providers can also support the campaign by making donations to the crowdfunding page. However, there is no pressure or obligation for care providers to do this. 
Q. Do the face shields, visors or PPE come with certification or testing? 
A. Probably not. 
All the PPE listed on #MakeMasksForCarers is made by volunteers, and is available either for free, or at cost price. 
As a result, equipment is unlikely to offer any form of certification, may not meet CE standards and may not have been tested in any way. Care providers are advised to ask volunteers about this before taking collection/delivery of any PPE – and providers will have to make their own risk assessments to determine whether they go ahead. 
By using the #MakeMasks4Carers site, care providers acknowledge and agree to take on full responsibility for any decisions made around procurement of the PPE on offer. 
For additional information about #MakeMasks4Carers, please email your questions to info@makemasks4carers.com today. 
Q. Who are the ‘Makers’ and ‘Maker Spaces’? 
A. The makers and maker spaces are volunteers from across the UK. These include individuals, organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes. 
Currently, the network includes schools, colleges, universities, design and tech workshops, sign makers, garages, workshops and individuals/organisations with 3D printers. 
Q. Does #MakeMasks4Carers manage the makers and maker spaces? 
A. No. 
#MakeMasks4Carers provides a mapping tool for volunteer makers and maker spaces to list their PPE and services. Care providers can search the map to find local makers and maker spaces, and their contact details. 
Q. How does #MakeMasks4Carers save care providers time? 
A. #MakeMasksForCarers provides a searchable, centralised mapping tool – enabling care providers to quickly identify volunteer makers who can provide them with PPE. 
It is an efficient, time-effective alternative to making social media appeals, searching the internet or waiting for referrals from local community groups. The result is that PPE can be provided more quickly to protect frontline staff. 
Q. Does MakeMask4Carers arrange delivery and collection of the visors or PPE? 
A. No. Care providers need to contact makers or maker spaces directly to arrange collection or delivery. 

Contact #Make Masks 4 Carers  

For additional information about volunteering to make masks, please contact us by email at info@makemasks4carers.com 
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